Phone a Friend

Your Mom and Dad are still learning – let’s face it they are new to this thing too.  So, they may want/need to call someone to vent, talk, or ask a question.  Don’t worry when they talk about you or your poop; they are doing it for your own good and their peace of mind.  Sometimes they will want to talk with people who have kids too so that they can talk to someone who has been there, done that, or is still doing it.  My Mom and Dad tell me no question is too silly to ask.

Secret Code

Now, I’m sure that you remember the secret code of baby language; however, it is more important now than ever that you use it.  Your Mom and Dad will figure the code out eventually – keep using it even if it takes them awhile.  Here is a quick reminder in case you forget one of our words.  

Neh – “I’m hungry.”
Eh – “Burp me.”
Owh – “I’m tired.”
Eiarh – “I have gas.”
Heh – “I’m uncomfortable.”

The Dunstan Baby Language videos below also have examples in case you need to hear them again.

Good Slippers

I was never one to wear slippers around the house; however, since Baby’s arrival I have found myself wearing slippers nearly all day long!  I am sure that part of the reason for this is my body is no longer a million degrees thanks to decreasing pregnancy hormones and therefore I need to keep my feet warmer.  Why not wear socks you ask?  Socks are great unless you want to slide them on and off or have hardwood floors – both of which matter to me!  Being able to take off my slippers to curl up on the couch or sit “criss-cross applesauce” on the  bed to nurse is wonderful!  I also appreciate the rubber soles of my Old Friend slippers because then I do not worry about running across the wood floor when Baby starts to cry and I’m on the other side of the house.  I have become so comfortable and my slippers are so durable that I even run outside to get the mail in them.  The soles on these slippers might as well be the soles of shoes.  The insides are also immensely comfortable!  Since the lining is made of sheepskin, they have formed to my foot and they do not trap odor like other slippers.  I honestly do not know what I would do without my slippers!

Sleep Sacks

Babies love to be warm while they are sleeping.  Which for us, meant several days of Baby wanting to sleep only while being held.  While this sounds great to a first time parent, you quickly realize this means you get minimal sleep as well.  One way to keep Baby warmer while sleeping is to turn up the temperature on the thermostat.  This option went poorly for us for two reasons – 1. We couldn’t sleep because it was too warm and 2. Our heating bill went way up.  So as an effort to make everyone comfortable and keep ourselves from going broke, we started using sleep sacks (aka wearable blankets) to help Baby retain more heat once put into the crib.  They have worked like a charm – Baby is now warm and cozy in his bed and we are comfortable around the house as well!  We have found the ones made by Halo to be the best as they zip down.  This seems like a minor difference but when trying to put a sleepy or asleep baby into a sleep sack the sleeveless design and zipping down make all the difference.  We have also found that Halo makes their sleep sacks in different weights – cotton and fleece – so as it gets warmer or we visit places (i.e. hotels, grandparent’s houses, etc) that may be a bit warmer or colder than our own we can adjust accordingly.