Prop and Shop

Grocery shopping has been a chore since our son arrived in March.  I seriously couldn’t go without help for the first several trips because I never did feel quite safe with propping the car seat up on the front of the cart and if you put it in the big basket you can’t fit in the groceries.  It didn’t really matter anyway since he hated his car seat.  Shortly after he turned six weeks old I figured out I could take him to the grocery store by putting him in my baby carrier.  This worked out well as long as I didn’t have to bend over too many times to pick stuff up off of the bottom shelf – unfortunately the deals are often higher and lower than eye level.  Today I decided to go the grocery store and put my prop and shop in the front of the cart.  Our son has awesome head/neck control and loves to sit so I figure why not give it a shot.  Sucess was had all around.  He loved being able to look around at everything and flirt with the other shoppers.  When he would get bored he would play with the side pillows or kick the fabric front flap.  I was able to do all of my grocery shopping quickly and easily.  It was also nice to be able to talk to him about what I was picking up and have some interaction in general (something I was never good at when I would carry him).  I also didn’t have to worry about him getting ahold of the germy cart since all of the pieces he could reach were covered in fabric.  Anyway, I will definitely be using this EVERY time I shop now! 

Get Outside

I have always loved being outside when the weather is nice, but WOW I had no idea how much more I would need that time now. Being outside (especially in the sunshine) helps boost my mood! I also know that it helps both baby and I produce important vitamin d. Taking daily walks has become an essential part of our day and I greatly miss them on rainy days. Sometimes the walk is around the block, sometimes a few miles, and occasionally it is only out and around our garden. No matter how long it is it always has positive effects.

Don’t forget to keep baby safe and comfortable while you are outside by using baby sunglasses and shade hats.  We love BabyBanz for sunglasses.

Excuse Me!

    This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy ate roast beef, this little piggy had none, and this little piggy drank milk fast and made his stomach groan.  Burps are just about as bad as farts but once again it is better out than in.  I do best at getting mine out if someone puts me up on their shoulder and pats me, but they also come out if I’m sitting and being patted.  Sometimes burps don’t come out right away and they get stuck to un-stick them have your Mommy or Daddy lay you on your back and then help you sit up.  Sometimes a little bouncing on their knee can help too.  Have fun burping while it’s still cute in a few years we will be told it’s yucky!

Back to Sleep

    My doctor keeps telling Mommy and Daddy that I have to sleep on my back.  It is not my most favorite sleeping position but, he says that I have to sleep on my back because it is easier for me to breathe that way.  I don’t know about you but I like
breathing so I let Mommy and Daddy lay me down that way.  The doctor also said that I can’t have blankets or toys in my bed; so, Mommy either swaddles me up or puts me in what she calls a sleep sack to keep me warm.  Sleeping is pretty great – you just have to get use to it!

Saving for College

    Our stuff is expensive so Mom and Dad will have a hard time saving money.  One way you can help them save money is to sign them up to be an Amazon Mom. runs specials on baby stuff all the time, especially on Mondays.  By being an Amazon Mom, they will save 30% on baby stuff and will get free two day shipping!  Then, you can spend the next 16 to 18 years trying to convince them to buy your first car or pay for college.