Traveling High Chair

We are an on-the-go kind of family! We spend our time visiting family and friend regularly and honestly we don’t want to worry about where we are going to be when “the Boy” needs to eat. So, several years ago when we saw this travel high chair in use by a friend we knew that should we ever have children we were going to NEED one. Fast forward three years to my baby shower when the same friend who introduced us to this amazing fold-up, easy to clean and carry contraption, gave it to us as a gift. We now keep this high chair in the trunk of the car so we always have it with us! The chair folds into a nice little cube with carrying straps and takes up next to no space in the car. It is fast to assemble and it is completely possible to do so with only one hand! I also love that it is completely made of plastic and easy to clean. Another awesome feature is the tray cover; I know this seems like a minor thing but I often quickly wipe down the tray after Baby finishes eating and save the “cleaning” for later (this keeps me from monopolizing the kitchen of friends and family as well as from losing precious time with these same people). Long story short, everyone who has a child eating solids needs one of these high chairs / booster seats.

You Need a Blanket

Three times since Baby was born in March, we have had unexpected family picnics. The first picnic was in a small patch of grass at a tire store while waiting on a tow truck. The next, in the grass at a truck stop while traveling to my parents’. And most recently, outside a restaurant after eating lunch while waiting for the interstate to reopen after a fuel spill. Needless to say I have been quite happy to spend this time (despite the interruption to our plans) with my husband and baby comfortable on a blanket with plenty of toys and activity to occupy our darling little boy. Most parents quickly figure out the necessity of carrying toys with them at all times; however, merely having toys wouldn’t have saved us as there would have been no where for “the boy” to sit and play. Thanks to my father’s advice when I was 16, I always have a blanket in my car for emergencies – even in the deepest heat of summer. It is this very blanket that has made our impromptu picnics a joy. I especially have found the easy fold up nature of my Nike backpack blanket to be helpful as it folds quickly, takes up little precious space in the car, and can be thrown over my shoulder by the strap for easy carrying (of both the blanket and baby)! With all the unexpectedness that life throws your way, always be prepared to slow down and enjoy even the curve balls.