Best Baby Toys

Kids take note that all toys are not created equal!  I have quickly learned that some toys are interesting for a day while others have withstood the test of time, some toys are only cute the first time the noise happens (think of how annoying it is to Mom and Dad if I don’t even like it) while others even months later aren’t getting on my nerves, and let’s face it for Mommy’s sake some toys are easy to clean and others take forever to appropriately wash.  Below is a short list of my favorites that Mom and Dad also approve of:

  • Manhattan Toy: Ziggles – This toy several different textures and each dangling piece is a great size for my hands.
  • Rhino Toys Oball Rattle – Oball bounces, rolls, rattles, smashes, and is easy to pick up!  I got it at a very young 6 months and have loved every minute of playing with Oball.  I have had it for a little over a month and still dig through my toy bin to find it.
  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether – Sophie seemed like an unnecessary luxury to Mom and Dad; but, when I received her as a gift they decided to give her a try.  I love to chew on her this is true but what I love even more is to stand her up or walk her along the floor.
  • Sassy Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy – Links are great to chew on, pull apart, and slide onto your arm.  These old standbys are necessary in any baby’s home (and diaper bag).
  • Little Tikes Wee Waffle Blocks ‘N Bucket – It may seem crazy to have a box of blocks out for a 6 month old let alone a smaller baby but I have found them to be excellent toys.  I love to pull apart waffle blocks Mom and Dad have put together and also love to try to stick them together myself.  Mom and Dad often make larger blocks out of the waffle panels for me to stack.

Storing Baby Clothes

Now that Baby is in his 4th clothing size I have figured out that storing all of his clothes until the next little one comes is going to be trickier than expected. I originally was packing his clothes into bags and then placing these into large plastic storage bins. This was great until there were a couple of sizes in the same bin and I had to figure out which bag was which to add to one of them. It also was trouble when trying to find somewhere to keep all of the large containers. Yesterday, I realized that I could probably fit an entire size worth of clothing into one of the large diaper boxes we get off of Amazon. After trying it, I found this to be true and also figured out I can store these boxes on the shelf in Baby’s closet. Best part of my discovery – no more purchasing expensive storage bins!

Where is that Sock?

It’s that time of year again.  Long pant wearing.  Jacket required.  Sock necessary.  Fall.  At least in Ohio it is.  This year, I have found that I have a new problem to face with fall clothing.  I have to wrangle baby socks.  I have tried many solutions to no avail – the leaning tower of socks that inevitably fell over unlike the real leaning tower, the baggie of socks – who has time or the free hands to open and close a bag, and the pile of socks – has anyone seen his other blue shoe sock.  However, in true obsessively organized fashion I have found a solution.  Sock baskets!  In my teaching days, I called them pencil baskets and many people use them to sort silverware, but they are the perfect size for baby socks and probably even toddler socks.  Now, Baby’s socks are neatly placed in pairs in these baskets.  Yes, baskets.  No, he doesn’t have so many pairs as to require more than one, but I find it helpful to sort them by type as well.  We have a basket for shoe looking socks, one for slipper socks, and one for regular gym socks.  So save yourself some sanity and buy sock baskets for your little one’s drawers.  And while your at it get some fun socks as well!

6 Months!

Wow! Time surely does fly when you add a baby to the mix. I feel bad that I haven’t written in forever but then again what can you expect from a busy mom? Life has been full of playing and feeding with sleep sprinkled in. My now 6 month old hardly naps but is a great nighttime sleeper so I can’t complain. Instead, I have become excellent at one handedly doing several tasks (i.e. folding laundry, making beds, etc.) as well as making tasks more interesting (envision the dancing and singing show stopping musical style number version of dusting the living room). I still can’t live without my ecosash carrier, though “the boy” will play by himself for a bit now. My Boppy pillow also continues to save my life or more accurately my back. I have always liked my Boppy for feeding purposes but the bigger he gets the more I appreciate the support. Bumkins Bibs are favorites around our house now too as they clean easier and are a tad larger therefore catching more spills. What will be our next adventure? Baby proofing! I’ll keep you posted as little man becomes increasing mobile and curious!

Dinner Distractions

Dinner time at our house was becoming quite rushed as Baby got older and was less and less content to sit and play peek-a-boo with my husband and I. We quickly turned to teething toys and other small toys but found we were playing pick up more than getting a chance to eat. Obviously “the boy” wanted something he could see but couldn’t get. A few nights later we noticed how intently Baby was watching our every move, so we decided maybe he needed his own food. We looked into it and found that long carrot sticks, celery pieces, and colored bell pepper slices are often used as natural and safe teething objects. Out to the store I went the next day! During little one’s nap I cut and containerized the veggies for dinner. That night he happily chewed on his “dinner” and let us eat and clean up! Now a small bag of veggies are carried with us to restaurants and homes of friends and family and a few pieces are placed on his tray nightly. One month later, he still enjoys eating with us every night and my husband and I feel we can eat at a normal pace again.

* Please know that you must supervise this at ALL times since it is possible for Baby to break off a small piece (especially of a pepper).

** We do not take Baby’s food off of our plates as we do not want him to think he is going to eat anything we have on it.