And We’re Walking!

After the initial “He’s walking!” comes “He’s walking.”. If you have never experienced extreme excitement quickly followed by dread you will the day your child learns to walk. Let me elaborate. Our son started walking independently at a very young 7 1/2 months and we were so excited for about 1 minute. Then, in addition to our excitement we were terrified – every piece of furniture we own was pretty much at forehead height. After a significant amount of thinking, we decided our best head saving option would be to put foam pipe insulation around the edges of our coffee table and low shelves. Yes, our son likes to try to pull the insulation off and yes, it can be a “weapon” for patting the dog or cat, but in the end this solution has saved us a number of black eyes and bruised foreheads.

Toothbrushing Parties

20111121-121058.jpgSo our little man’s first tooth, or more accurately teeth since the bottom two came in together, popped through about 6 weeks ago. Immediately we wanted to help him develop good toothbrushing habits so we started having family toothbrushing parties right after breakfast. In the beginning, our son would just turn the toothbrush over in his hands and we let that be enough, but after a couple of days of “brushing” his teeth with us he started putting the toothbrush in his mouth. Now, when he did this it was often the wrong end but we would gently tell him and pull the toothbrush out. Amazingly in only one month, he started using the correct side of the toothbrush and is now mimicking our movement fairly accurately. In the last week, we have added baby tooth and gum cleaner (fluoride free of course) to his brush and you can see our 8 month old bursting with pride each day as he cares for his own teeth!