Birthday Tradition

My husband and I were trying to come up with something special we could do for our son every year on his birthday.  We weren’t looking for anything expensive or elaborate just something to help him remember his previous year and to let him know how special he is to us.  After much online searching and asking friends, we decided to make a quick digital memory book.  Now eventually (like when he’s in his 30’s since that is when I will have the time), I plan to make him a real scrapbook, but for now choosing about 100 pictures and arranging them with the help of Shutterfly was our best choice.  It was  an easy project to complete though I will admit it made me tear up several times.  Here is what we included:

  • A cover page with a head shot from every month
  • Pictures from every month (arranged together by month)
  • A story or short note about the month
  • A letter from my husband and I to our son

I know that he is young and that for now the book will be just like any other, but someday I hope that he looks back at these with fond memories.

My Little Red Wagon

Thanks to some beautiful 60 degree days in January this year I got to try out my biggest Christmas present – a Radio Flyer Wagon!  I didn’t get the Radio Flyer Wagon that Mom and Dad remember from when they were little; no, no, no I got the deluxe addition (Thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa).  My wagon has seat backs and cup holders just to name a few of its amenities.  Anyway, Grandpa and Mom took me on a walk after putting it together.  I thought I was going to have to wait forever but Grandpa had it built in 10 minutes!

My ride is super smooth and my seat is very comfortable.  In fact, I made Mommy let me eat snack in the wagon when we got home from our walk because I wasn’t ready to leave my throne.  Mommy and Daddy think my wagon is awesome too because it is super easy to steer, thanks to independent front wheels.  Grandpa likes that the handle is longer now than it was when Mommy was little because that means he doesn’t have to bend over to reach it.  This present is a winner – everyone loves it!  You should get one then maybe when we are older we can have wagon races.