Mom’s Personal Assistant

My Mom likes a clean house.  I don’t so much mind toys being everywhere and yesterday’s Cheerios on the floor but Mom can’t handle that.  She used to do all of her cleaning after I went to bed at night or while I was napping (though I would often force myself not to nap just to see her reaction to a messy house), but recently she has started doing some of this while I’m awake.  Something about teaching me responsibility and what not.  Anyway, here is a list of things that I get to help with now that I’m old (16 months old that is).

  1. Swiffer the kitchen floor – Mom takes out one of the sections of the handle and I push it around while she follows with a broom or another Swiffer.
  2. Dust the legs of the chairs
  3. Put my toys back in the bins – Mom has kept the same type of toy in the same place for as long as I can remember.  That way when it is time to clean up, I know exactly where it goes.  If for some reason I can’t remember, Mom says stuff like “I need all the balls for this green basket.”
  4. Put laundry in the laundry basket after it is dry.
  5. Sous chef – This is a fancy title meaning that I hand Mom cooking utensils (spoons and spatulas only) or food pieces while cooking.  I love to hand her pieces of fruit for fruit salad, give her green beans to snap, or pick veggies off a pile for shish kabobs.  Sometimes I even get to dump in the spices or do a little stirring.  Someday we hope to get a Little Partners Learning Tower for me to stand on but for now Mom just holds me.
  6. Dry the Dishes – Okay I don’t get to touch any of the ceramic dishes but I get to help with all of the plastic.
  7. Make Way for Vacuuming – There are baskets all over our house holding blankets, toys, books, etc so when Mom vacuums it is helpful if I move these things as well as daddy’s shoes so she doesn’t have to keep stopping.

I may still be young but helping Mommy isn’t too bad.  In fact, it gives her more time to play later!