Hydration Please

My Mommy has always carried a water bottle around.  She says that it helps her to stay properly hydrated (whatever that means).  Well, I got to thinking, if she needs to carry one around then I probably should as well.  I started carrying her bottle from place to place when I was about seven months old.  I really wanted to drink out of it too but the bite valve kept me from getting anything.  Eventually, Mommy went and bought me my own water bottles.  My water bottles are cool like Mommy’s – meaning that they have a straw and they won’t spill.

Every morning she fills one of my water bottles and puts it somewhere that I can reach it; then, I can go and get it whenever I want.  If we leave the house to go somewhere (other than a quick errand to the store) or we go outside, we take my water bottle with us.   I drink between 8 and 12 ounces of water a day, which is okay now that I’m big.  When I was littler, the doctor told Mommy that I could have one ounce of water for every month I was old.  I didn’t like that limit but Mommy said it was important so I could stay healthy.

It wasn’t easy teaching me to drink out of a water bottle at first, so Mommy had to search for ones that she could help me learn to use.  My first water bottles had a spot where Mommy could squeeze and help me get my water.  I used this one for a couple of months.  Now that I have the hang of it, I have some that are bigger and keep my water cold for a long time.  I hope that your hydration journey goes as well as mine!  Cheers!

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