Sleep Solution

I’m an on the go kind of kid but every now and then I have found that I need sleep.  That’s right I admit it – I have to sleep.  Now, Mom and Dad for a long time thought that if they just put me in my crib when I was sleeping peacefully in their arms everything would be okay, but recently they have figured out this isn’t the case.  I mean seriously people who wants to wake up alone in a crib when they were being cuddled.  You don’t sleep alone now do you?!?  Anyway back to my point,  to help me stay resting peacefully Mom and Dad gave me a little frog blanket.  It is called a Lovey or something girly like that.  My frog is perfectly safe and easy to hold.  I love cuddling up with it and when I wake up just a little I rub the soft side and fall right back to sleep.  My frog even smells like Mom and Dad.  I have a sneaky suspicion that they carried it around under their shirts for a while but I don’t have any hard evidence to prove it.  From one on the go kid to another, find a way to train your parents to help you sleep so you can be even more full of awesome than you already are!

Angel Dear Blankie, Brown Giraffe

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