Dinner Distractions

Dinner time at our house was becoming quite rushed as Baby got older and was less and less content to sit and play peek-a-boo with my husband and I. We quickly turned to teething toys and other small toys but found we were playing pick up more than getting a chance to eat. Obviously “the boy” wanted something he could see but couldn’t get. A few nights later we noticed how intently Baby was watching our every move, so we decided maybe he needed his own food. We looked into it and found that long carrot sticks, celery pieces, and colored bell pepper slices are often used as natural and safe teething objects. Out to the store I went the next day! During little one’s nap I cut and containerized the veggies for dinner. That night he happily chewed on his “dinner” and let us eat and clean up! Now a small bag of veggies are carried with us to restaurants and homes of friends and family and a few pieces are placed on his tray nightly. One month later, he still enjoys eating with us every night and my husband and I feel we can eat at a normal pace again.

* Please know that you must supervise this at ALL times since it is possible for Baby to break off a small piece (especially of a pepper).

** We do not take Baby’s food off of our plates as we do not want him to think he is going to eat anything we have on it.

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