Oh, Pretty Lights!

Baby’s first Christmas is quickly approaching! Though I know this is the year of boxes, tissue paper, and bows, I’m quite excited about sharing this season with our son. One thing worried me however – how were we going to keep him out of the Christmas decorations? We devised a plan and though we won’t claim perfection it has worked quite well.

  • 1. Put only soft ornaments at the bottom of the tree.
    2. Do not use ornament hooks on low ornaments.
    3. Make a rule about not touching the tree and stick to it. We often have to divert his attention with something else when he forgets this.
    4. Put child friendly decorations at child height (ie the Charlie Brown nativity, the soft stuffed snowmen, etc.) and allow Baby to play with these.
    5. Don’t expect to use all of the same decor you always have used – some items just aren’t safe right now.
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