6 Months!

Wow! Time surely does fly when you add a baby to the mix. I feel bad that I haven’t written in forever but then again what can you expect from a busy mom? Life has been full of playing and feeding with sleep sprinkled in. My now 6 month old hardly naps but is a great nighttime sleeper so I can’t complain. Instead, I have become excellent at one handedly doing several tasks (i.e. folding laundry, making beds, etc.) as well as making tasks more interesting (envision the dancing and singing show stopping musical style number version of dusting the living room). I still can’t live without my ecosash carrier, though “the boy” will play by himself for a bit now. My Boppy pillow also continues to save my life or more accurately my back. I have always liked my Boppy for feeding purposes but the bigger he gets the more I appreciate the support. Bumkins Bibs are favorites around our house now too as they clean easier and are a tad larger therefore catching more spills. What will be our next adventure? Baby proofing! I’ll keep you posted as little man becomes increasing mobile and curious!

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