Apps for Parents

Since getting my iPod Touch, I have found many useful apps for parents.  Most are free and the ones that aren’t, are well worth the money.

  • Baby Sleep Lite – This app make the noise of a hairdryer.  I know it sounds odd but it has worked wonders more than once as it calms our baby down while in the car.  Often it not only helps to calm him, but it will also put him to sleep making long journeys (even those from Cincinnati to Atlanta) more manageable.
  • What to Expect Baby – This app it useful but can also be addicting and frustrating if it is overly relied upon.  At first, I used it to track baby’s every move (sleeping, eating, pooping – you get the picture)and I was overwhelmed and often nervous about how quickly he ate and how little he slept; but now I only use it when I feel like his schedule is changing and I need to try to figure it out.  It has also be useful for tracking his vaccination schedule.
  • Smart Hands Lite – We are teaching our little one baby sign language.  I have used it with children I have babysat and students in my classroom several times and truly believe it minimizes frustration on both sides of the communication barrier.  This app is a quick refresher for me and a wonderful teaching tool for my husband.
  • PhotoSync – This app allows me to send pictures between my computer and iPod (also works with the iPhone and iPad) wirelessly.  As mentioned in my iPod post, I have no time to get on the computer but I am terrified of losing the precious pictures I take on my iPod (I also don’t always have time to grab a real camera -oh the joys of parenthood) so this app allows me to back up the pictures by placing them on the computer too.  In the rare instance I do have time to get on the computer and I have pictures on there that I want on my Touch, it also works in that direction. 
  • Calendar – I am now running a million different directions at once and the defult calendar app is my friend. I have mine linked to my Google calendar so that my husband and I show the same appointments on our computers (not that I have time to get on one) and on our smart devices.  This has more than once kept us from double booking ourselves (i.e. my hair appointment and his eye doctor appointment – who’s going to watch little guy?) and also helps us to know when we both need to be available (doctor’s appointments for Baby – I’m such a wuss and can’t watch his shots by myself).
  • Grocery IQ – This app is simply a grocery list but it will sync between our smart devices and will also let me mark off what I have already put in the cart at the store even if there isn’t wifi.  One handed grocery shopping is a must even with Prop ‘n Shop.

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