Baby Carrier

Getting anything done with baby in your arms is quite difficult as you are limited to one hand and arm if you are lucky.  In order to clean my house, make dinner, or garden with any efficiency I need two hands; so, I put baby into my baby carrier.  I love my ecosash carrier for so many reasons beyond the simple one of it gives me two hands.

  1. I tie the knots and I’m not relying on plastic clips to keep my baby safe.
  2. The straps allow for different people to wear the carrier without having to slide a bunch of tighteners in and out.  Can you ever get those back where they were comfortable after you move them?
  3. It has three different positions for baby – facing you, facing forward, and back-pack style.
  4. The facing you position is safe for baby as soon as they are 8lbs (which for us meant the day he came home from the hospital) – most carriers do not leave you with this ability as the baby has to be able to hold his/her head up before it is safe.

I do not carry the baby in the carrier for extended periods of time right now (baby is 7 weeks old) but I am sure as my husband and I return to hiking more we will use it for longer sessions.  Baby is comfortable and loves being close to us.  It also sometimes has the benefit of helping baby fall asleep!

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