Camelbak Water Bottle

Okay so seriously, how hard can it be to keep a glass of water near you when most of what baby does is sleep?  HARD!  After kicking my glass over more times than I can count, I jokingly mentioned needing a sippy cup to my husband and sister-in-law.  The next day in walks my sister-in-law with the best adult spill-proof sippy cup ever.  I now carry my camelbak water bottle everywhere!  It helps me stay hydrated which is so important for nursing and shedding those pregnancy pounds and since you have to slightly bite the straw to get water out I have yet to spill it even when I toss it down beside me on the couch so no messes to clean up! The loop on the lid makes it easy to carry around even if I can only get one finger free. 

I prefer the BPA-Free plastic bottle because I can see how much water is in it and it doesn’t dent when it hits the floor.

Some people prefer the stainless steel especially if drinking a lot of flavored beverages that can leave a taste in the plastic bottles.

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