Diaper Bag Must-Haves

Your diaper bag goes with you everywhere.  Some things you need, other things just weigh you down. 

  • Pacifier Pod.  Diaper bags are like women’s purses… whatever you are looking for will elude somewhere in the depts of the bag.  We use a pacifier rarely but when it is necessary, it is necessary NOW!  Pacifier pods allow you to keep the pacifier attached to the outside of the bag, the stroller, your belt loop, the basket next to your rocking chair or where ever else it may come in hand. 
  • Disposable diaper sacks.  Wet and/or smelly diapers don’t need to be loose in your diaper bag contaminating everything else, so these bags become a mess saver.  I didn’t necessarily think that a dispenser of bags was going to matter, but when it comes to the limited space of your diaper bag – it does!  The dispenser keeps all of the bags neatly rolled and out of the way until they are needed.  It also is easy to find as you are blindly digging in the diaper bag while holding your little one and a dirty diaper! 
  • Travel size baby soap.  You probably aren’t planning on bathing your baby everywhere you go… however a visit to a friend’s or grandma’s may turn into bath time when baby gets into something or spits up a significant amount.  Chances are, they have towels and wash clothes.  Baby friendly soap… maybe not. 


Obviously, don’t forget the diapers and wipes!

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