iPod Touch

Before Baby was born my husband and I were discussing whether or not I should upgrade to a smart phone  when my contract ran out.  We really weren’t looking forward to the extra expense since I was going to be staying home with our little one, but synchronized calendars, email at my fingertips, and other features were calling our name.  Lucky for us, my mother-in-law realized that everything I was wanting could be found in an iPod Touch (seriously where doesn’t have wifi anymore?) and so there would be no additional cost.  Much to my surprise, I found myself opening the iPod for my birthday just a few months before the arrival of our son. I used the Touch often before his arrival but since he made is grand appearance I am tethered to it!  With a little one in toe there is absolutely no time to waste and the iPod Touch lets me multi-task.  I now check email, edit photos, write this blog, make my grocery list, and search for answers to my questions all while feeding or rocking my little guy!  Since the Touch is so small, I can use it one handed (and actually with both my good and bad hand) easily.  Out of curiosity my husband had me try to use our iPad one day and that was a miserable failure due to its size.  We have also found that there are various apps that make life a bit easier.  Long post short – if you don’t have an iPod Touch you need one! 

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