New Use for a Pacifier Clip!

Baby and I go grocery shopping together a lot since he seems to enjoy looking around at things in the store and frankly we need the food.  I cook almost everything from scratch with a few shortcuts here and there so most of our trip is spent in the produce section sitting still – not an easy thing for an on the go baby.  My little man still loves to play with the prop ‘n shop pillows when he begins to get bored but they can only keep him entertained so long.  Enter the pacifier clip – this week I decided to loop one of his favorite toys to the clip and attach it to him while we shop (this  is only possible because we use the Booginhead Paciclip that is designed for Soothies).  This worked out to be a brilliant idea!  He was able to play with the toy when he wanted to play, watch the world go by without having to hold the toy or throw it on the ground, and still had to hands to play with the pillows.  Never once did I have to retrieve the toy from the ground or even hand it back to him!  I will definitely be using our pacifier clip on every shopping trip now!

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