Packing for a Road Trip

At first, people thought we were nuts to put our baby (as young as two weeks) into the car for a minimum of 2.5 hours to go and see family that is and was perfectly capable of coming to visit us at home, but we didn’t care and off we went.  All of our trips themselves have gone off without a hitch (including the 16 hour round trip drive to Atlanta); however, preparing for the trips was a bit daunting.  Now after four months of traveling experience, we have gotten the truly hard part – packing – down to a science.  Below is a list of commonly forgotten items when packing for an overnight or long vacation with baby.  After all, we all know to take clothes and diapers (although we often only take enough diapers to get us there to keep our luggage light).

  • Receiving Blankets – We use these for tummy time as well as for a quick cover up when a restaurant or home is too cold for Baby.
  • Burp Cloths – You’ll need almost twice as many of these as you think you will since grabbing a new one isn’t a quick option.
  • Travel Size Baby Soap and Shampoo (if you don’t keep it in your diaper bag like we do)
  • Changing Mat or Blanket – This is something I didn’t think about taking until I was trying to change our son at my parents and didn’t want to mess up the white bedspread.
  • Toys – Chances are wherever you are going doesn’t have anything for baby to play with.  We always take a favorite or two as well as something less played with for interest.
  • Extra Pacifier – There is always the one in the diaper bag but I love to have an extra in the luggage so if we are at the hotel we can leave the one in the diaper bag in the diaper bag and not take a chance of forgetting it when we run out.
  • Parasol or Hat for Baby – You need something to keep Baby out of the sun.  This last weekend we weren’t planning on being outside for long but then we found an auction in the town we were staying in and stopped by for a while.  Thankfully, we had our parasol with us!
  • Baby Carrier – You never know when you may be headed out for a walk or a day at the museum.


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