Keeping Baby out of the sun can be tricky when you are at an outdoor wedding or other event where pushing your stroller around isn’t acceptable and no matter how hard you search you just can’t find a baby sun hat to match that adorable outfit.  We ran into this problem early on with our son as we had to attend an out of town outdoor wedding.  As we were joking around one night about me being a “Southern Bell” for this Atlanta wedding, something was said about my having to carry a parasol to fit the part – BAM we thought our problem was solved!  We immediately got on Amazon to find a suitable parasol.  Wow, were there a million choices.  Finally, we settled on an elegant but classic parasol that we will be able to use for all sorts of events (we have already taken it to the wedding and used it at an auction).  No matter which one you choose – make sure to think about portability (ours fits into a side pocket of our diaper bag) as well as UV protection.

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