Sleep Sacks

Babies love to be warm while they are sleeping.  Which for us, meant several days of Baby wanting to sleep only while being held.  While this sounds great to a first time parent, you quickly realize this means you get minimal sleep as well.  One way to keep Baby warmer while sleeping is to turn up the temperature on the thermostat.  This option went poorly for us for two reasons – 1. We couldn’t sleep because it was too warm and 2. Our heating bill went way up.  So as an effort to make everyone comfortable and keep ourselves from going broke, we started using sleep sacks (aka wearable blankets) to help Baby retain more heat once put into the crib.  They have worked like a charm – Baby is now warm and cozy in his bed and we are comfortable around the house as well!  We have found the ones made by Halo to be the best as they zip down.  This seems like a minor difference but when trying to put a sleepy or asleep baby into a sleep sack the sleeveless design and zipping down make all the difference.  We have also found that Halo makes their sleep sacks in different weights – cotton and fleece – so as it gets warmer or we visit places (i.e. hotels, grandparent’s houses, etc) that may be a bit warmer or colder than our own we can adjust accordingly.

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