Where is that Sock?

It’s that time of year again.  Long pant wearing.  Jacket required.  Sock necessary.  Fall.  At least in Ohio it is.  This year, I have found that I have a new problem to face with fall clothing.  I have to wrangle baby socks.  I have tried many solutions to no avail – the leaning tower of socks that inevitably fell over unlike the real leaning tower, the baggie of socks – who has time or the free hands to open and close a bag, and the pile of socks – has anyone seen his other blue shoe sock.  However, in true obsessively organized fashion I have found a solution.  Sock baskets!  In my teaching days, I called them pencil baskets and many people use them to sort silverware, but they are the perfect size for baby socks and probably even toddler socks.  Now, Baby’s socks are neatly placed in pairs in these baskets.  Yes, baskets.  No, he doesn’t have so many pairs as to require more than one, but I find it helpful to sort them by type as well.  We have a basket for shoe looking socks, one for slipper socks, and one for regular gym socks.  So save yourself some sanity and buy sock baskets for your little one’s drawers.  And while your at it get some fun socks as well!

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