My Fine China

I am a foodie.  I insist on having a fork, spoon and plate if Mom and Dad do; after all, it is the most civilized way to eat.  I also insist on quality.  For the longest time my parents try to trick me with fat plastic handles that are not like Mommy and Daddy’s fork and spoon in the least; however, recently they have come to understand my plea.  Daddy finally took the time to scope out the web and find me the perfect flatware and a pretty nifty set of dishes.  The Untangled Living Anyware Stainless Steel Dish Set has passed my observant eye and made meal time more enjoyable. I am perfectly capable of using this fork and spoon as well as I did the ones with fat handles. The fork tines are more pointy than rounded baby forks so I have had greater success stabbing my food with this.  I also have yet to have any issues with stabbing myself and even the couple of times I have stabbed my parents (a totally accident I promise) there have been no ill effects. The plate and bowl have a good weight to them which keeps them from sliding all around when I am trying to get my food onto the fork or spoon. The plate and bowl aren’t exactly small but Mom and Dad are willing to take them to restaurants as they have made it much easier for me to scoop up my food with my utensils. When placing food on a tray or regular restaurant plate there often isn’t a lip or enough of a lip on the plate for me to properly get the food onto my spoon or fork and the silly plastic plates just slid all over the table.

The set is quality all around, Daddy says you should be able to scoop ice cream with any fork or spoon and not worry about them deforming and these pass the test. Being stainless steel, the set cleans up easy where plastic sometimes was hard to get greasy foods off of. We also don’t have to worry about BPA or any other manner of yet to be labeled harmful plastic chemicals leaching into my food. The set was expensive and Daddy says the money will have to come out of my college fund (he says that about everything), but it is definitely worth it.

Untangled Living Anyware Collection Children’s Stainless Steel Dish Set, 5 Pieces, Gecko

Eating Out Essentials

My family likes to eat out every now and then.  I think it is especially great because I get to watch all sorts of other people while eating dinner with Mom and Dad.  I pretty sure my mom really likes it too because she doesn’t have to do the dishes when we are finished.  In fact, someone else comes and takes them away and they disappear forever!  Anyway, in my eating out experience I have discovered that there are a few things that make my experience more enjoyable.  And let’s be honest if my experience isn’t enjoyable than no one else’s is either.

1. Table Mats – these handy dandy little things let Mom put my food right on the table without having to worry about wiping the table down first (honestly ,she prefers that I use a plate but I often dump my food out so she might as well be a step ahead of me).  They are interesting to look at and my favorite ones come with non-rolling crayons and I get to color before my food arrives.  Mommy also likes them because she can roll up my mess and not feel bad for the staff that has to clean up after me.  Here is a link to my favorite kind: Classy Kid Germ Defense Placemat – Pack of 20

2. Toothbrush Holder for Utensils – Yep I said it a toothbrush holder.  My mommy used to make me eat with those horrible plastic utensils that come in a toddler travel kit but I hated that I couldn’t poke anything with my fork and that my spoon was a weird shape.  Thanks to my grandpa and his brain, Mommy bought a toothbrush holder and she puts one of my regular Gerber Graduates Forks and one of my regular Munchkin Spoons in it.  Mommy is happy because my utensils stay clean (baggies didn’t work because they were always tearing); I am happy because I get my normal stuff.

3. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To Go Pack! – Lots of times when I get to our table at a restaurant my chair is less than perfectly clean and I don’t want to be sitting in someone else’s pureed peas (they were gross enough to eat when I was that little).  So, now I have instructed my parents to clean my chair off first with one of these wipes.  I was considerate enough to find a pack that fits nicely in the diaper bag yet has some real cleaning power.

Now that you know what you need, I hope that you can have the awesome eating out experiences that I have.  While you are at it, go ahead and order yourself a meal – it is often times cheaper than Mommy or Daddy getting something big enough to share.  May I recommend the steak done medium well with a sweet potato or the turkey dinner; both are delicious!

Sleep Solution

I’m an on the go kind of kid but every now and then I have found that I need sleep.  That’s right I admit it – I have to sleep.  Now, Mom and Dad for a long time thought that if they just put me in my crib when I was sleeping peacefully in their arms everything would be okay, but recently they have figured out this isn’t the case.  I mean seriously people who wants to wake up alone in a crib when they were being cuddled.  You don’t sleep alone now do you?!?  Anyway back to my point,  to help me stay resting peacefully Mom and Dad gave me a little frog blanket.  It is called a Lovey or something girly like that.  My frog is perfectly safe and easy to hold.  I love cuddling up with it and when I wake up just a little I rub the soft side and fall right back to sleep.  My frog even smells like Mom and Dad.  I have a sneaky suspicion that they carried it around under their shirts for a while but I don’t have any hard evidence to prove it.  From one on the go kid to another, find a way to train your parents to help you sleep so you can be even more full of awesome than you already are!

Angel Dear Blankie, Brown Giraffe

Toy Shelves

My grandma and grandpa are so smart. For Christmas they bought toy shelves with baskets for my house. Sounds pretty boring I know but they are awesome! After Mommy and Daddy put them together, I could see all of my toys at once. Now I can make a mess twice as fast, make sure my oball didn’t go missing, or find my tambourine to make noise without getting distracted by something else first! I also love how my shelves are so sturdy that I can stand up and walk somewhere else without Mommy running to stop me. Best of all, Mommy thinks that the shelves were a present to her so they didn’t count as one of my gifts. That is why my grandparents are smart!

Tot Tutors Toy Organizer, Primary Colors

Best Baby Toys

Kids take note that all toys are not created equal!  I have quickly learned that some toys are interesting for a day while others have withstood the test of time, some toys are only cute the first time the noise happens (think of how annoying it is to Mom and Dad if I don’t even like it) while others even months later aren’t getting on my nerves, and let’s face it for Mommy’s sake some toys are easy to clean and others take forever to appropriately wash.  Below is a short list of my favorites that Mom and Dad also approve of:

  • Manhattan Toy: Ziggles – This toy several different textures and each dangling piece is a great size for my hands.
  • Rhino Toys Oball Rattle – Oball bounces, rolls, rattles, smashes, and is easy to pick up!  I got it at a very young 6 months and have loved every minute of playing with Oball.  I have had it for a little over a month and still dig through my toy bin to find it.
  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether – Sophie seemed like an unnecessary luxury to Mom and Dad; but, when I received her as a gift they decided to give her a try.  I love to chew on her this is true but what I love even more is to stand her up or walk her along the floor.
  • Sassy Ring O’ Links Rattle Developmental Toy – Links are great to chew on, pull apart, and slide onto your arm.  These old standbys are necessary in any baby’s home (and diaper bag).
  • Little Tikes Wee Waffle Blocks ‘N Bucket – It may seem crazy to have a box of blocks out for a 6 month old let alone a smaller baby but I have found them to be excellent toys.  I love to pull apart waffle blocks Mom and Dad have put together and also love to try to stick them together myself.  Mom and Dad often make larger blocks out of the waffle panels for me to stack.