Table Food

How many meals do you want to make at dinner? My answer – one. Never did I think that making a different baby friendly meal every night so our son could eat table food would be tiresome, but after a few weeks it was. Then I realized I was overly complicating dinner. The only real change I needed to make was taking his food out prior to salting our portion. This and the take and toss containers I store his “leftovers” in have changed my dread for dinner into an excitement. Additionally I have a 10 month-old who eats Brussels sprouts, Greek yogurt, enchiladas, collard greens, and anything else you put in front of him!

The First Year’s Take and Toss Snack Cups (4-Pack)

Oh, Pretty Lights!

Baby’s first Christmas is quickly approaching! Though I know this is the year of boxes, tissue paper, and bows, I’m quite excited about sharing this season with our son. One thing worried me however – how were we going to keep him out of the Christmas decorations? We devised a plan and though we won’t claim perfection it has worked quite well.

  • 1. Put only soft ornaments at the bottom of the tree.
    2. Do not use ornament hooks on low ornaments.
    3. Make a rule about not touching the tree and stick to it. We often have to divert his attention with something else when he forgets this.
    4. Put child friendly decorations at child height (ie the Charlie Brown nativity, the soft stuffed snowmen, etc.) and allow Baby to play with these.
    5. Don’t expect to use all of the same decor you always have used – some items just aren’t safe right now.
  • And We’re Walking!

    After the initial “He’s walking!” comes “He’s walking.”. If you have never experienced extreme excitement quickly followed by dread you will the day your child learns to walk. Let me elaborate. Our son started walking independently at a very young 7 1/2 months and we were so excited for about 1 minute. Then, in addition to our excitement we were terrified – every piece of furniture we own was pretty much at forehead height. After a significant amount of thinking, we decided our best head saving option would be to put foam pipe insulation around the edges of our coffee table and low shelves. Yes, our son likes to try to pull the insulation off and yes, it can be a “weapon” for patting the dog or cat, but in the end this solution has saved us a number of black eyes and bruised foreheads.

    Toothbrushing Parties

    20111121-121058.jpgSo our little man’s first tooth, or more accurately teeth since the bottom two came in together, popped through about 6 weeks ago. Immediately we wanted to help him develop good toothbrushing habits so we started having family toothbrushing parties right after breakfast. In the beginning, our son would just turn the toothbrush over in his hands and we let that be enough, but after a couple of days of “brushing” his teeth with us he started putting the toothbrush in his mouth. Now, when he did this it was often the wrong end but we would gently tell him and pull the toothbrush out. Amazingly in only one month, he started using the correct side of the toothbrush and is now mimicking our movement fairly accurately. In the last week, we have added baby tooth and gum cleaner (fluoride free of course) to his brush and you can see our 8 month old bursting with pride each day as he cares for his own teeth!

    Dinner Distractions

    Dinner time at our house was becoming quite rushed as Baby got older and was less and less content to sit and play peek-a-boo with my husband and I. We quickly turned to teething toys and other small toys but found we were playing pick up more than getting a chance to eat. Obviously “the boy” wanted something he could see but couldn’t get. A few nights later we noticed how intently Baby was watching our every move, so we decided maybe he needed his own food. We looked into it and found that long carrot sticks, celery pieces, and colored bell pepper slices are often used as natural and safe teething objects. Out to the store I went the next day! During little one’s nap I cut and containerized the veggies for dinner. That night he happily chewed on his “dinner” and let us eat and clean up! Now a small bag of veggies are carried with us to restaurants and homes of friends and family and a few pieces are placed on his tray nightly. One month later, he still enjoys eating with us every night and my husband and I feel we can eat at a normal pace again.

    * Please know that you must supervise this at ALL times since it is possible for Baby to break off a small piece (especially of a pepper).

    ** We do not take Baby’s food off of our plates as we do not want him to think he is going to eat anything we have on it.

    Baby Food

    I started making my own baby food simply because I love to cook!  I had no idea how much money I would end up saving us as well.  I know that baby food seems like a rather inexpensive purchase and in the grand scheme of things it is; however, when I looked at the price of jarred food in comparison to how much I can make with very little fresh produce I was amazed.  I have already made 24 TBSP of peaches and 36 TBSP of plums which is about 15 jars worth of food – and squash, nectarines, pears, and carrots are waiting to be pureed.  The recipe I follow is very simple – steam the food, puree it, freeze it in ice cube trays, transfer cubes to freezer safe storage.  Anyways, what I really wanted to share is that I had no idea that the ice cube trays I received as a baby shower gift would become so handy.  It also helps that for my wedding shower I received a steaming basket, food processor, and vacuum sealer – however, none of these pieces are essential to the food making process and could easily be substituted out.  Happy Food Making!

    Anti-Monkey Butt Diaper Rash Cream

    Not only does Baby Anti-Monkey Diaper Rash Cream have an excellent name, we’ve found it to be an excellent product as well.  Our baby’s butt prefers baby anti-monkey butt to other leading brands.  No one wants a red monkey butt! 

    If you can’t find Baby Anti-Monkey Butt… Boudreaux Butt Paste comes in second for a cool name, though we like it the least as far as baby butt protection.