Mom’s Personal Assistant

My Mom likes a clean house.  I don’t so much mind toys being everywhere and yesterday’s Cheerios on the floor but Mom can’t handle that.  She used to do all of her cleaning after I went to bed at night or while I was napping (though I would often force myself not to nap just to see her reaction to a messy house), but recently she has started doing some of this while I’m awake.  Something about teaching me responsibility and what not.  Anyway, here is a list of things that I get to help with now that I’m old (16 months old that is).

  1. Swiffer the kitchen floor – Mom takes out one of the sections of the handle and I push it around while she follows with a broom or another Swiffer.
  2. Dust the legs of the chairs
  3. Put my toys back in the bins – Mom has kept the same type of toy in the same place for as long as I can remember.  That way when it is time to clean up, I know exactly where it goes.  If for some reason I can’t remember, Mom says stuff like “I need all the balls for this green basket.”
  4. Put laundry in the laundry basket after it is dry.
  5. Sous chef – This is a fancy title meaning that I hand Mom cooking utensils (spoons and spatulas only) or food pieces while cooking.  I love to hand her pieces of fruit for fruit salad, give her green beans to snap, or pick veggies off a pile for shish kabobs.  Sometimes I even get to dump in the spices or do a little stirring.  Someday we hope to get a Little Partners Learning Tower for me to stand on but for now Mom just holds me.
  6. Dry the Dishes – Okay I don’t get to touch any of the ceramic dishes but I get to help with all of the plastic.
  7. Make Way for Vacuuming – There are baskets all over our house holding blankets, toys, books, etc so when Mom vacuums it is helpful if I move these things as well as daddy’s shoes so she doesn’t have to keep stopping.

I may still be young but helping Mommy isn’t too bad.  In fact, it gives her more time to play later!

Revolving Door of Toys

Every few weeks Mommy decides that I need to go toy shopping!  This idea terrifies Daddy since he is the only one that gets a paycheck (Mommy works at home for free taking care of me – I’ll talk more about how to hire your own free stay at home Mommy some other time).  Thankfully my Mommy isn’t so silly that she goes and spends money when we go toy shopping.  No, she doesn’t steal stuff – my Mommy is more creative than that.  Instead, she sets up a toy store in our living room or in my bedroom.  Then I walk around and decide what toys I’m going to “buy.”  After I have made my selection, I pay for the new toys by putting some of my old toys in the closet.  I don’t lose these toys forever though because they are then part of the next store.  This works well because sometimes I realize that Mommy and I choose the wrong toy to use as payment for my new ones.  I love how I don’t get too bored with my playroom since the stuff in there is always changing.  Well, at least some of the stuff is – I have never ever put away my Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set or my Alphabet Floor Puzzle or for that matter most of my Fisher-price Lil’ Zoomers but these are my favorites and giving them up might cause some permanent damage.  Our little toy store works great for us and for several of my friends that have tried it (Mommy likes to tell other Mommies about how smart she is) and I figure if I work with Mommy and Daddy now to save money then maybe just maybe they will let me spend some of that savings when I really want something like my first car.

Water Table Toddler

Summer is here!  Not that our weather is any hotter than it has been for the last several weeks, but Mommy and Daddy keep saying that this year is weird.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of last summer since I was so little so I’ll have to take their word for it.  Anyway, I have found an awesome ways to stay cool since our crazy Ohio weather has been in the 90s for a couple of weeks now.  My solution to beat the heat?  My water table – I know that the package says for ages two and up but what do those people know anyway.  I, on the other hand, know it is fun!  Mommy keeps an extra close eye on me as a splash, pour, and squirt my way to keeping cool.  I have a Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark.  It is the best!  It has so much to do and I love the little squirting balls that I can send down the shoot or put on the ferris wheel.  Mommy did add a couple of extra toys (an extra cup and a couple of foam paint brushes) but that is just because I like to use the materials to “paint” on the driveway too.  The table is the perfect height for me at 15 months and even my older friends love it.  In fact, one of my friends is five and he and I could play for hours if we didn’t have to go inside for lunch or nap. One problem Mommy had with my water table is that dirt gets in it at night and sometimes the birds think it is a bird bath.  I don’t mind sharing with the birds and bugs but Mommy doesn’t like it.  She solved this problem when she bought a Round Central Air Conditioner Cover.  It fits perfect over my table.  Now I can go and splash away without Mommy worrying about bird germs.



Pop . . . Pop . . . Pop, Pop, Pop!  Bubbles might perfect.  You see I can play with them all I want and Mommy insists that I’m not getting dirty.  I still don’t know how that can be since they explode when I touch them leaving behind a slightly slimy feel and a wonderful smell – I think this batch is grape – but whatever.  Part of what I love about bubbles, or as I prefer bubBLES, is there is no clean up.  That’s right, no torture in the form of hand washing required when finished.  They are also really quick to get started.  In fact, we make a batch about once a month and Mommy stores it in containers until I want it.  She always makes sure that the container we are playing out of is little so I can carry it around or maybe she doesn’t want me to spill too much but either way I like the little container.

At 14 months, I am still working on mastering blowing bubbles and I often end up with nothing but a wet hand, but that is okay.  Mommy blows bubbles with me and that is the more fun part anyway.  When Mommy blows the bubbles or when she helps me use my bubble blowing gadget, I get to run around and pop the floating fun.  Nothing beats being totally surrounded by bubbles.  Even Mommy’s smile gets bigger when I ask to play with bubbles.

Rainy day?  No problem.  Ask Mommy to play with bubbles inside.  My Mommy usually has me do this in the kitchen or in the empty bath tub – then when I am finished we run a damp cloth over the  floor where we are playing and Mommy thanks me for helping her clean??!?!?  So any day you need some extra fun, bust out the bubbles and smile away!


My Fine China

I am a foodie.  I insist on having a fork, spoon and plate if Mom and Dad do; after all, it is the most civilized way to eat.  I also insist on quality.  For the longest time my parents try to trick me with fat plastic handles that are not like Mommy and Daddy’s fork and spoon in the least; however, recently they have come to understand my plea.  Daddy finally took the time to scope out the web and find me the perfect flatware and a pretty nifty set of dishes.  The Untangled Living Anyware Stainless Steel Dish Set has passed my observant eye and made meal time more enjoyable. I am perfectly capable of using this fork and spoon as well as I did the ones with fat handles. The fork tines are more pointy than rounded baby forks so I have had greater success stabbing my food with this.  I also have yet to have any issues with stabbing myself and even the couple of times I have stabbed my parents (a totally accident I promise) there have been no ill effects. The plate and bowl have a good weight to them which keeps them from sliding all around when I am trying to get my food onto the fork or spoon. The plate and bowl aren’t exactly small but Mom and Dad are willing to take them to restaurants as they have made it much easier for me to scoop up my food with my utensils. When placing food on a tray or regular restaurant plate there often isn’t a lip or enough of a lip on the plate for me to properly get the food onto my spoon or fork and the silly plastic plates just slid all over the table.

The set is quality all around, Daddy says you should be able to scoop ice cream with any fork or spoon and not worry about them deforming and these pass the test. Being stainless steel, the set cleans up easy where plastic sometimes was hard to get greasy foods off of. We also don’t have to worry about BPA or any other manner of yet to be labeled harmful plastic chemicals leaching into my food. The set was expensive and Daddy says the money will have to come out of my college fund (he says that about everything), but it is definitely worth it.

Untangled Living Anyware Collection Children’s Stainless Steel Dish Set, 5 Pieces, Gecko


Another day stuck inside – silly workmen – and today I couldn’t even watch since they had out the blowtorch.  To help curb my disappointment, Mommy made this fabulously slimy and colorful stuff she kept calling finger paint.  I’m not sure why she called it that since she wanted me to put the paint on my highchair tray but whatever.

Before I was able to start painting, Mommy had to mix the paint together.  First, she cut an old egg crate down so it only had four holes.  Then, she put some light corn syrup in each hole and then one drop of food coloring (she used four different colors).  Next, she mixed the goo together and put me in my art shirt which just happens to be one of her old t-shirts.  Finally, into my high chair I went and let the mess begin!

I played in this sticky concoction for quite a while.  I had to ask to get the sticky off of my hands a couple of times because my fingers were starting to stick together but hey the art was worth it!  We didn’t get to keep this masterpiece when I was finished because it was on my tray but next time Mommy says we can paint on roll paper! 

Now for a note from Mommy: Today’s sensory experience was just about as easy to set up and tear down as yesterday’s!  Thankfully, this finger paint comes off easily with a baby wipe.  It is also safe to be eaten (though Little Guy didn’t try).  As far as proportion of corn syrup to color, I probably used two tablespoons to each drop and that created very bright colors.