Cool Beans

Mommy and I were stuck in the house today due to some workmen and she was starting to go a bit stir crazy.  I could have stood and stared at the fans the guys were installing all day but hey that wouldn’t be very considerate of me now would it?  So instead, I chose to amuse my mother and play in container of beans.  At first, digging in dried Great Northern Beans wasn’t too exciting – really who wants to just dig around with your fingers in a 9×13 Baking Dish?  Anywho, I kept at it and then Mom showed up with spoons and measuring cups!  This made all the difference in the world.  Now, we were in business.  I scooped and measured, measured and scooped for over 35 minutes and if you knew me you would know I don’t focus on anything that long.  In the end, I was bummed to see the beans go but Mom put them in a baggie and kept them in the container so we can get them out another day.

Now for a short note from my Mom:  Little Man and I played in the dried beans as a sensory activity (he was always under very close supervision since the beans would be a choking hazard if swallowed).  My thought is that we will use the 9×13 dish to contain all sorts of different materials as we continue to explore texture.  I love how by using this type of container, I could just snap the lid on it and go on with our day.  I think tomorrow we might try pudding or play dough.

Eating Out Essentials

My family likes to eat out every now and then.  I think it is especially great because I get to watch all sorts of other people while eating dinner with Mom and Dad.  I pretty sure my mom really likes it too because she doesn’t have to do the dishes when we are finished.  In fact, someone else comes and takes them away and they disappear forever!  Anyway, in my eating out experience I have discovered that there are a few things that make my experience more enjoyable.  And let’s be honest if my experience isn’t enjoyable than no one else’s is either.

1. Table Mats – these handy dandy little things let Mom put my food right on the table without having to worry about wiping the table down first (honestly ,she prefers that I use a plate but I often dump my food out so she might as well be a step ahead of me).  They are interesting to look at and my favorite ones come with non-rolling crayons and I get to color before my food arrives.  Mommy also likes them because she can roll up my mess and not feel bad for the staff that has to clean up after me.  Here is a link to my favorite kind: Classy Kid Germ Defense Placemat – Pack of 20

2. Toothbrush Holder for Utensils – Yep I said it a toothbrush holder.  My mommy used to make me eat with those horrible plastic utensils that come in a toddler travel kit but I hated that I couldn’t poke anything with my fork and that my spoon was a weird shape.  Thanks to my grandpa and his brain, Mommy bought a toothbrush holder and she puts one of my regular Gerber Graduates Forks and one of my regular Munchkin Spoons in it.  Mommy is happy because my utensils stay clean (baggies didn’t work because they were always tearing); I am happy because I get my normal stuff.

3. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To Go Pack! – Lots of times when I get to our table at a restaurant my chair is less than perfectly clean and I don’t want to be sitting in someone else’s pureed peas (they were gross enough to eat when I was that little).  So, now I have instructed my parents to clean my chair off first with one of these wipes.  I was considerate enough to find a pack that fits nicely in the diaper bag yet has some real cleaning power.

Now that you know what you need, I hope that you can have the awesome eating out experiences that I have.  While you are at it, go ahead and order yourself a meal – it is often times cheaper than Mommy or Daddy getting something big enough to share.  May I recommend the steak done medium well with a sweet potato or the turkey dinner; both are delicious!

Through the Window Pane

I don’t know about you but I’m an outdoors type of kid.  I love all things outside – dirt, wind, squirrels, birds, grass, rocks, sticks, you get the picture.  Unfortunately, I live in Ohio where they tell me the weather can be cold, though if this winter is what they are talking about they are crazy!  I also have come to realize that no matter how much I beg my mom won’t let me be outside every waking moment, so I have begun watching the world through the window.  For three weeks my parents would just hold me up to the window so I could see out.  This became the best game ever – I would look out the window, ask to get down, and then beg to get back up – it was hilarious.  My parents finally got my message few weeks ago though and they built me my very own perch for window watching.  Now I can climb up on my perch and watch the birds and squirrels to my heart’s content.  I also sit up there and watch for Daddy to come home.  For the Mommy’s and Daddy’s that are interested in also building a perch, my Daddy just put down a twin size mattress and topped it with an arm chair cushion.  I’m telling you it is the best and I can climb up and down for hours.  Happy window watching!

Birthday Tradition

My husband and I were trying to come up with something special we could do for our son every year on his birthday.  We weren’t looking for anything expensive or elaborate just something to help him remember his previous year and to let him know how special he is to us.  After much online searching and asking friends, we decided to make a quick digital memory book.  Now eventually (like when he’s in his 30’s since that is when I will have the time), I plan to make him a real scrapbook, but for now choosing about 100 pictures and arranging them with the help of Shutterfly was our best choice.  It was  an easy project to complete though I will admit it made me tear up several times.  Here is what we included:

  • A cover page with a head shot from every month
  • Pictures from every month (arranged together by month)
  • A story or short note about the month
  • A letter from my husband and I to our son

I know that he is young and that for now the book will be just like any other, but someday I hope that he looks back at these with fond memories.

My Little Red Wagon

Thanks to some beautiful 60 degree days in January this year I got to try out my biggest Christmas present – a Radio Flyer Wagon!  I didn’t get the Radio Flyer Wagon that Mom and Dad remember from when they were little; no, no, no I got the deluxe addition (Thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa).  My wagon has seat backs and cup holders just to name a few of its amenities.  Anyway, Grandpa and Mom took me on a walk after putting it together.  I thought I was going to have to wait forever but Grandpa had it built in 10 minutes!

My ride is super smooth and my seat is very comfortable.  In fact, I made Mommy let me eat snack in the wagon when we got home from our walk because I wasn’t ready to leave my throne.  Mommy and Daddy think my wagon is awesome too because it is super easy to steer, thanks to independent front wheels.  Grandpa likes that the handle is longer now than it was when Mommy was little because that means he doesn’t have to bend over to reach it.  This present is a winner – everyone loves it!  You should get one then maybe when we are older we can have wagon races.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Winter has finally set in here in Ohio.  The other day there was this white stuff falling from the sky and Mommy insisted that I should watch it out the window.  It was fascinating for about 15 seconds and then I got bored.  After all, it just keeps coming.  Anyways, a little while later Mommy and I bundled up to go and get the mail like we do every day, but this time the white stuff had built up on the mailbox – I just had to reach out and touch it.  That stuff is cold.  Mommy called it snow and then told me it is wet and cold – silly Mommy I already knew that I had my hand in it.  Since I seemed to like the snow, Mommy took me inside and put me in these fluffy pants and put my coat and hat back on; then, she made me go and play in it more.  It didn’t take too long for me to get cold and want to go back inside.  So why I’m writing this post?  I want to make a list for all of you babies so you don’t have to freeze to have fun in the winter.  Here are some other places to take your Mommies and Daddies:

  • Shopping Mall or Department Store: We usually don’t buy anything but I get a kick out of watching all of the other people and running around in the big open space.  Mommy often takes me into a lot of different shops so I can see different kinds of things.
  • Restaurants: Our favorite restaurants are the ones that are more like little coffee shops because I can run around a little bit and no one thinks I’m strange.  It is also cool to go to these places because I get to eat a bit of bagel or some muffin.
  • Aquarium or Pet Store: These are some of my favorite places.  I really like the aquarium best because I get to spend a lot of time looking at the different fish and I can walk around by myself with Mommy close by; but, in a pinch the pet store works too.  Either way, there are lots of cool things to look at inside.
  • Grocery Shopping: As simple as it is I love to look at all the stuff in the grocery store.  I get extra excited when Mommy lets me carry the bag of tortilla chips!
  • Museums: I don’t really understand everything in these places but I like to walk around and Mommy and Daddy like to look at all of the old stuff.
  • Children’s Art Studios: My Aunt B owns one of these places so I may be prejudice. Even though I’m not one yet, I can still create some cool stuff.  We go to open studio and drive cars through paint or squish the homemade playdoh.  There are often other kids my age there too!

No matter where you choose to go or what you choose to do, I recommend keeping your Mommy and Daddy inside and out of the fluffy pants as much as you can.  Honestly though, the white cold stuff that fell from the sky isn’t all bad but I only want to experience it in small doses.

    Mossi Toddler 1 – Pc. Snowsuit

Toy Shelves

My grandma and grandpa are so smart. For Christmas they bought toy shelves with baskets for my house. Sounds pretty boring I know but they are awesome! After Mommy and Daddy put them together, I could see all of my toys at once. Now I can make a mess twice as fast, make sure my oball didn’t go missing, or find my tambourine to make noise without getting distracted by something else first! I also love how my shelves are so sturdy that I can stand up and walk somewhere else without Mommy running to stop me. Best of all, Mommy thinks that the shelves were a present to her so they didn’t count as one of my gifts. That is why my grandparents are smart!

Tot Tutors Toy Organizer, Primary Colors