Let’s face it keeping Mom and Dad busy and entertained is more than a full time job.  P7190204I don’t know about you but I feel like I need to change activities about every 3 or 4 minutes in order to ensure that they are not twiddling their thumbs or even worse getting something accomplished like folding the laundry or making dinner.  So after using every idea I could come up with, I tricked Mom into searching the web for some new ideas.  PC091370It took us a while but then we found the craziest mom out there.  Yes, we found a mom that makes lists and lists of things for us to make our parents do.  Who would have thought that some mom out there would take so much time and effort to help household activity directors such as myself.  I mean seriously coming up with things to do all by myself is insanity (my brother is still too little to even be an intern for the job but I can’t wait until we can co-chair)!  Anyway, without further ado go and visit Toddler Time Activities for your all your keeping Mom and Dad busy needs (as you can see we have been trying a few of her ideas already).

If you are short on time . . . I most highly recommend checking out the list that matches whatever month it currently is –


But keep in mind if you only check these out you are missing a ton of other opportunities for fun!

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