Sous Chef

I’m a foodie plain and simple.  I love prime rib . . . I love asparagus . . . I love quinoa . . . I love pomegranates . . . I love food!  One thing I know for sure though is that the best tasting food is food I get to help cook.  Me helping in the kitchen was a real pain for Mom until recently.  You see for my birthday Grandma and Grandpa bought me this awesome stool.  It is called a kitchen helper.  Now, I can climb up in my tower and stir, pour, and scoop to my little heart’s content.  Mind you, Mom is always still standing next to me but since the kitchen helper has four sides she doesn’t have to worry quite so much and she actually has two hands to do the important things like chop and turn down the heat on the stove top.  Mom says that my kitchen helper also folds but since I use it so much I have never seen it folded up.  Instead, it sits patiently waiting for my next sous chef opportunity in a corner of the kitchen.  Bon appetit!


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