Through the Window Pane

I don’t know about you but I’m an outdoors type of kid.  I love all things outside – dirt, wind, squirrels, birds, grass, rocks, sticks, you get the picture.  Unfortunately, I live in Ohio where they tell me the weather can be cold, though if this winter is what they are talking about they are crazy!  I also have come to realize that no matter how much I beg my mom won’t let me be outside every waking moment, so I have begun watching the world through the window.  For three weeks my parents would just hold me up to the window so I could see out.  This became the best game ever – I would look out the window, ask to get down, and then beg to get back up – it was hilarious.  My parents finally got my message few weeks ago though and they built me my very own perch for window watching.  Now I can climb up on my perch and watch the birds and squirrels to my heart’s content.  I also sit up there and watch for Daddy to come home.  For the Mommy’s and Daddy’s that are interested in also building a perch, my Daddy just put down a twin size mattress and topped it with an arm chair cushion.  I’m telling you it is the best and I can climb up and down for hours.  Happy window watching!

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